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Most of the people visit a hospital website to get information. So these sites must be very user-friendly, easy to navigate and extremely well-organised with a pleasing aesthetics.


Why patients are choosing 1 And 1 Care

GET TRANSPARENCY IN HEALTHCARE -Health is something that should never be compromised. 1 And 1 Care gives th patients one of the widest selections of Medical services, including both independent and major chain Medical Services. The company offers a one-stop booking source for Medical Services pricing, accrediations and facilties.Your Health Is Our First Priority With passion for innovation and focus to improve doctor-patient relationships all over India. We provide a transparent and seamless experience from your first booking to the last meds you take.






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Finding out you or your child needs braces doesn’t need to be a stressful event. The 1 And 1 Care and staff at 1 And 1 Care will walk you through every step. We are here to help you in every matter from financing to maintenance of your beautiful smile.

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Choose &amp; work with more &amp; more facilitators, agencies and medical tour companies at your own terms &amp; conditions.

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Get more patients through Domestic &amp; International network partners and our digital marketing campaign support to increase your sales.

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Get tips to post and edit your job description, set a budget to attract more candidates and navigate your 1 And 1 Care dashboard.

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What peolpe are saying

Our customers depend on us to provide reliable, cost effective solutions with exceptional customer service. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here’s what our customers say about our efforts..

Thank you 1and1care for finding the best cancer surgeon in India for us. We consulted directly with the cancer specialist for a second opinion
Miss. Srishti Designer
Hey, Thanks for referring me for my test. I got immediate report with a discounted price… Would definitely recommend 1 And 1 Care to my friends. Thanks
Mr.Khanna Developer
I am fully satisfied with 1And1Care, thank you so much 1 and 1 care for giving a such big discount.
Mr.Rajesh Manager
We were unable to find the right doctors for stem cell therapy for our child. 1and1care made it possible with complete travel assistance to India
Mr.Ayub Manager
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